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A family standing in front of the Benjamin Franklin Memorial statue at the Franklin Institute.
Looking to make the most of your visit? We offer specially crafted itineraries, planned just for you!

Dive into a world where curiosity knows no bounds as you navigate through captivating exhibitions, interactive displays, and awe-inspiring demonstrations. From exploring the depths of the human brain to unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos, each tailored itinerary caters to all interests and age groups. Let our expertly curated itineraries be your guide as you embark on a visit of exploration at The Franklin Institute.

Save time by purchasing your tickets in advance! It's easy to pick up your wristband at one of our kiosks, located in the Atrium (Floor 2). 

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The Early Bird

The museum is big and there is a lot to explore. From exhibits to live shows and all the interactions in between, here is one suggested path for the early go-getter to help guide your experience and spend 3.5+ hours with us.  


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  • Make your way to the Franklin Air Show exhibit (Floor 2) to learn the dynamics of flight and don’t forget to check out the 1911 Wright Model B Flyer. 

  • Gather your crew and fly down to the Fels Planetarium on Floor 1 for the To Space & Back show. 

  • Now that you’ve seen how vast space is, head up to the first level of Wondrous Space (Floor 2) to discover more of what lies beyond Earth.  

  • All this exploration can work up an appetite, so make your way across to The Eatery (Floor 2) to grab some fuel. 

  • Now is a perfect time to feed your creativity with a ticket for The Art of the Brick, the entrance is on Floor 2, next to the SciStore 

  • Feeling a burst of creativity after leaving the exhibit? Make your way to the Combustion Show in Demonstration Theater to see some real live explosions. 

  • Sensing your adventure come full circle, take off and explore the second level of Wondrous Space (Floor 3) to design your own rocket, and see pieces of real space technology. 

The Afternoon Decision Maker 

The museum is big and there is a lot to explore. From exhibits to live shows and all the interactions in between, here is one suggested path for the afternoon post-lunch visitor looking to feed their curiosity and spend 3.5+ hours with us. 


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  • Wondering where is the best place to start? One option is to check out the Your Brain exhibit (Floor 2) to learn how brain cells use chemical and electrical signals to communicate at incredible speeds and help you make decisions. 

  • Neurons aren’t the only things that feel a spark, have your own shocking experience with our Electricity Show, down in Franklin Theater (Floor 1).  

  • Like a shared electron, go with the flow and journey to Floor 3 and flip a coin, if it’s heads, check out SportsZone and learn about the importance of helmets, if it’s tails, head to Sir Isaac’s Loft to explore the chain reactions, and optical illusions that brings Newtons laws to life.  

  • Maybe you have time to check out both exhibits but give yourself some wiggle room so you can make your way to Floor 2 to see what our performer decides to dissect at the Mystery Dissection located in The Bypass, behind the Atrium ramp. 

  • For a recharge, head over to the Café to grab a quick snack and if the weather is looking good, enjoy it outside at our picnic tables in Science Park. If you don’t need a caffeine fix, check out Amazing Machine next door.  

  • Still time for one final decision for your day, and that is ‘Decisions,’ Brick artist Nathan Sawaya’s largest piece on display in The Art of the Brick. 

Note: programming schedules may be adjusted for special events. please check the daily schedule for the most up-to-date information. All programming is included with your general admission ticket except for The Art of The Brick which requires a separate ticket.  

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