200 Years of Science: TFI is Transforming

Our bicentennial is a bold step forward into the future. As we mark our 200th year in 2024, we invite you to step into a realm where the past meets the future, where history is reimagined, and where curiosity knows no bounds. Immersive encounters, hands-on experiences, interactive multimedia, and memorable moments—a multi-year exhibit reimagination is underway.  

Six all-new exhibits and a two-story collections gallery will transform the museum, elevating immersion, imagination, and impact. It began with the award-winning Wondrous Space exhibit in 2023 and continues in 2024 with the opening of an expansive new exhibit on the human body and the unveiling of the Hamilton Collections Gallery. 

These six innovative exhibits will be the core of the new Franklin Institute experience, further enriched by our planetarium, observatory, daily live science shows, and new collections gallery. They will provide our guests with unparalleled opportunities to engage with cutting-edge scientific discoveries across various topic areas, including space, the human body, computer science, the built environment, advanced machines and robotics, and earth systems. 

New Experience. New Look!

Museum Updates

Opening November 2024. Experience two all-new exhibits featuring our most iconic artifacts, the Baldwin 60,000 and the Giant Heart, all part of a multi-year reimagination of our exhibit experience.

These exciting changes may result in the closure of specific galleries during your next visit. We can promise that with each closure comes something new and even more exciting upon reopening.

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Giant Heart Closure

The Giant Heart and Electricity exhibits are closed to prepare for an all-new exhibit on the human body featuring the iconic Giant Heart, opening in November.

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Train Factory Closure

The former Train Factory exhibit reopens in November as the Hamilton Collections Gallery, a curatorial showcase of our most treasured collections surrounding the Baldwin 60,000 locomotive.  

There's More Inside

Three Floors to Explore

Explore the wonders of science at The Franklin Institute through current interactive exhibits like Your Brain and SportsZone, offering hands-on experiences that ignite curiosity. Embark on cosmic adventures in Wondrous Space and discover the joy of discovery in this immersive science center.

Field trips are fun at The Franklin Institute!
Science Park 

Enjoy adventurous exploration in an open-air setting, perfect for family fun and outdoor learning experiences.

Learn More

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New Electricity Live Show 

Sparks fly in our all-new Electricity live show, leaving you with a newfound appreciation for the electrifying wonders of science—from the crackling energy of the Tesla coil to the principles of circuits and conductivity.   

Electricity Show Franklin Institute tesla coil
Mystery Dissections at The Bypass

Discover the secrets of sight with an eye dissection, comparing human and cow eyes side by side. Or, journey into the depths of cardiovascular science with a heart dissection, exploring the intricacies of your own heart through the lens of a sheep's organ. Which mystery dissection will you uncover?

sheep heart dissection franklin institute
NEW! Mazes & Brain Games 

Give your brain and body a workout. Conquer puzzling challenges and discover new ways of problem-solving around every corner in the new play space, Mazes & Brain Games!

brain games kids maze
Holt & Miller Observatory | Open Weekends 

The Holt & Miller Observatory houses the 10” Carl Zeiss Refracting Telescope, one of the largest historical artifacts in the museum's collection. Open for guided experiences.

Crowds of Franklin Institute members gather on the roof in the Holt and Miller Observatory to do some Sun gazing.
The Art of the Brick | Now through September 2 

Named one of CNN's Top Ten "Global Must-See Exhibitions," The Art of the Brick exhibit by artist Nathan Sawaya takes LEGO® bricks from child's toy to sophisticated art form and beyond.

art of the brick - gallery

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