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Stay connected with science through Franklin @ Home, our collection of digital science resources to feed your curiosity. Explore the world with DIY hands-on activities, engaging videos, and deeper dives—because science never stops. And to get your daily dose of wonder, follow The Franklin Institute on Facebook, and Instagram, and join our email list.

Franklin@Home: Force and Motion

Force & Motion

All around us, things are moving—objects, sounds, air, and water. Investigate how physical forces interact to create these movements and how we can design things to move the way we want them to.

Franklin@Home: Human Body

Human Body

Explore the science of you! How do different parts of your body work? How does your brain figure out what's going on around you? How can you keep your body healthy?

Franklin@Home: Space


Physicist William Bragg once said, “Light brings us the news of the universe.” How does light work? What does it tell us about space? How do we explore our solar system—and beyond—from here on Earth?

Franklin@Home: Earth

Earth Science

Earth is our home. It’s also a place that’s always changing. Investigate the science of plants, water, wind, and weather—the systems that make our planet a special place to live.

Franklin@Home: Chemistry


Atoms and molecules are the basic building blocks that make up all the “stuff” in our world. How can we mix these building blocks to make new stuff? Or pull them apart to figure out how stuff works?

Franklin@Home: Engineering


Design, build, test, and try again. Engineering is a way of thinking to help us solve problems. Tackle these building challenges to put your engineering mind to work!