Exhibit Resources for Educators

Let us help you get the most out of your field trip! Check out our exhibit resources for help with:

  • All of our exhibits are aligned with Next Generation Science Standards. Click here for a list of all of our exhibits/shows, and how they correspond with Next Gen Standards.
  • Planning your itinerary
  • Prepping students on what to notice during their visit
  • Activities and experiments that you can do in the classroom before and after your trip
  • Additional information that students might have missed during their visit
  • Making cross-curricular connections – many activities may pertain to learning areas other than science

Complimentary Free Educator Pass Form Next Generation Science Standards

Your Brain

Check out our two-stories-tall “neural network” for an inside look at how the brain processes information. Other activities and devices demonstrate life sciences concepts related to the brain.

Standards Alignments
Life Science: All grade levels
Science & Technology: Grades 9-12

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On your mark, get set, learn! A visit to SportsZone allows students at all grade levels to get their entire bodies into the act of physical science education.


Standards Alignments
Physical Science: All grade levels
Life Science: All grade levels

Exhibit Information   Educator Guide

Amazing Machines

Use pulleys, levers and gadgets galore to explore physical science concepts related to how machines work.


Standards Alignments

Physical Science: All grades

Science & Technology: All grades

Personal & Social Perspectives: All grades

History & Nature of Science: All grades


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Franklin Air Show

Sit in a cockpit, make your own plane, and find out about flying objects of all sorts. Adventure is in the air in this exhibit!

Standards Alignment

Physical Science: All grades

Earth & Space Science: All grades

Science & Technology: All grades

Personal & Social Perspectives: All grades

History & Nature of Science: All grades


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Sir Isaac's Loft

It’s a playground of experimentation! Falling objects, chain reactions, and optical illusions demonstrate Newton’s Laws.


Standards Aligment

Physical Science: All grades

Science & Technology: All grades


Exhibit Information