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Wondrous Space

Now Open! 

Journey through the cosmos as you explore this immersive, multisensory, two-story exhibit designed to inspire an excitement for space science.  

Discover what lies beyond Earth on the second floor. Learn about the incredible size and scale of celestial bodies as you travel through the universe. Touch a real meteorite that fell to Earth over 50,000 years ago. How does gravity shape the universe? What affects an asteroid’s impact crater? 

On the third floor, imagine yourself in a space career as you experience the engineering it takes to get to space. Design and launch a rocket or see real space technology that could also benefit life on Earth. What do we need to live on Mars? Are there other worlds in our galaxy that could support life?  

Whether you’re a space enthusiast, or simply curious about the mysteries of the universe, this exhibit will ignite your imagination and leave you with a deeper appreciation when you look up at the night sky. 

Wondrous Space

Be the Center of a Solar System 

Experiment with mass, gravity, and orbits as your own personal solar system gathers around you. Can you make the biggest one? 

Wondrous Space

Spin a Ball into the Gravity Well  

Create orbital paths and test centripetal force as your ball rolls into the center of the well. Track your trajectory with AR light paths. 

Wondrous Space

Reach New Heights on Other Worlds 

See how high you would jump on other worlds with different gravity than Earth. Will you make it into orbit or stay grounded? 

Wondrous Space

Design a Rover

Design a rover, launch it to your destination, and watch how far it goes.  

Wondrous Space

Suit Up! 

Modify your spacesuit for an off-world journey. Be careful—each location has its own dangers to deal with. 

Wondrous Space

Search for Other Planets

Zoom into a star system as you search for worlds that could potentially support life.


TFI strives to consider accessibility in our exhibits so that as many people as possible can experience them. The development of this exhibit leveraged feedback from local consultants and incorporates various technologies that allow for users with a range of abilities. In-exhibit print and digital content is available in both English and Spanish. All media has closed captions. We welcome and appreciate feedback from your visit.  

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