Live Science in Musser Theater

Join us in the Demonstration Theater on the third floor for live shows!

  • Liquid Air Show - Cool off with one of our favorite chemicals to use at The Franklin Institute, Liquid Nitrogen, as we explore how temperature affects matter at one of the longest-running shows at the museum.
  • Combustion Show – Things heat up as we break down the 3 ingredients needed for any good combustion reaction at this fiery show.

Note: Latex balloons are used in all shows

Don't miss daily dissections in The Giant Heart exhibit on the second floor!

  • Eye Dissection – Learn how our own eyes work and how it compares to a cow eye as we dissect right in front of you.
  • Heart Dissection – In the shadow of our own giant walkthrough heart, learn the ins and outs of your heart as we look inside the real heart of a sheep.

Check the daily schedule for an up-to-date listing of today's shows and presentations.

Daily Schedule