Live Science in Musser Theater

Experience the thrill of live science as our science performers bring scientific concepts to life through captivating demonstrations and interactive experiments. From the mesmerizing effects of liquid nitrogen to the depths of a heart dissection, each show offers a unique opportunity to foster a hands-on appreciation of science.

Check the daily schedule for an up-to-date listing of today's shows and presentations.

Daily Schedule

Daily Live Science Shows

liquid air show franklin institute group

Liquid Air Show

Musser Theater - 3rd Floor

Cool off with one of our favorite chemicals to use at The Franklin Institute, Liquid Nitrogen, as we explore how temperature affects matter at one of the longest-running shows at the museum.

combustion show franklin institute

Combustion Show

Musser Theater - 3rd Floor

Things heat up as we break down the 3 ingredients needed for any good combustion reaction at this fiery show.

Electricity Show Franklin Institute tesla coil

Electricity Show

Franklin Theater - 1st Floor

Sparks fly in our all-new Electricity live show, leaving you with a newfound appreciation for the electrifying wonders of science—from the crackling energy of the Tesla coil to the principles of circuits and conductivity.

sheep heart dissection franklin institute

Mystery Dissections Debuts May 11

The bypass - 2nd Floor

Dive into the ins and outs of animal anatomy with daily dissections. Will it be a cow eye or a sheep heart, you’ll have to find out.