SportsZone exhibit at The Franklin Institute


Hit the turf and experience how sports connect the science of the human body, laws of motion, and technical innovation. How does physical fitness, nutrition, equipment, and safety affect your ability to play? Test your skills at pitching, jumping, surfing, and running all while investigating the fundamental concepts of health, materials science, mechanics, and motion. See if you can use science to improve your performance by using motion-tracking technology or slow-motion video to analyze your technique.

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SportsZone exhibit at The Franklin Institute

Race Against Pro Athletes
Who will you compete against—a marathon runner? A Paralympic medalist? An Eagles running back? Once the match beings, your virtual competitor will race alongside you on a projection surface the length of the run.

SportsZone exhibit at The Franklin Institute

Perfect Your Pitch
Do you have the strike of a professional? Throw out a pitch and have your body mechanics analyzed by high-speed imagery.

SportsZone Exhibit at the Franklin Institute

Catch a Wave
Surf's up! Ride the surfboard simulator and learn how to adjust your body to improve your balance.

SportsZone is made possible by:

Lead Underwriters

James J. Maguire, Jr., the Maguire Foundation, and Philadelphia Insurance Companies

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William and Laura Buck
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Scheller, Jr.
The Dow Chemical Company