A boy explores the Neural Climb in the "Your Brain" exhibit

Your Brain

Think about how you think when you explore Your Brain. What is the brain? How does it work? Fire a model neuron to see how brain cells use chemical and electrical signals to communicate at incredible speeds. Follow the pathways they take and learn how the brain controls functions throughout the body. Discover how the images of what you see are processed in the brain by building them back together step by step. Your brain is always changing. There's no better place to help it change for the better than Your Brain at The Franklin Institute!

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Neuroscience & Society Curriculum

What does it mean to be human? How might emerging brain science change the answer? The applications of neuroscience have far-reaching implications for our self-identity, health, relationships, and social systems. As we imagine a just, inclusive, and responsive future in which neuroscience benefits everyone, this curriculum aims to engage young people today in dialogue about how these discoveries and emerging technologies will shape their tomorrow.

The Neuroscience & Society high school curriculum offers an in-depth focus on neuroscience through the lens of relevant societal issues, designed to be appropriate for grades 10-12.


Your Brain exhibit at The Franklin Institute

Navigate the Neural Network 
Scale the 18-foot-tall neural climb!

The street scene segment of the Your Brain exhibit at The Franklin Institute.

Explore How Your Brain Interprets Conflicting Information
Wander through a city street filled with illusions and discover how your brain uses a variety of inputs to interpret the world around you. Trying to make sense of it all might just turn your world upside down! 

A young girl using the Say That Again interactive in the Your Brain exhibit at The Franklin Institute.

Say That Again?
Did you ever have trouble understanding what that loudspeaker is broadcasting on a SEPTA rail car? Explore how your brain can learn to understand even a distorted audio message.

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Your Brain is located in the Frank Baldino, Jr. Gallery of the Nicholas and Athena Karabots Pavilion.