The Franklin Institute's iconic and newly refurbished Giant Heart Exhibit

The Giant Heart

Stroll through the iconic Giant Heart like people have done for over fifty years. Hear the sounds of an actual human heartbeat as you go through the chambers. See live heart and eye dissections daily in our state-of-the-art demonstration space. How much blood is in your body? What does the inside of a human body look like? Watch video of a real beating heart undergo surgery, view hand-painted red blood cells lining the walls, and walk across the world’s largest map of Philadelphia as you gain insight into local public health issues.

Young girl smiling, walking through The Giant Heart at the Franklin Institute.

Walk Through the Giant Heart
Two-stories high, this heart would be the accurate size for a 220-foot tall person.

Crawl through an artery in the Giant Heart exhibit at The Franklin Institute.

Crawl Through an Artery
Pretend you're a blood cell navigating through 8-foot long clear and clogged arteries.

A spiral of animal hearts in the Giant Heart exhibit at The Franklin Institute.

​​​​​​Investigate the Spiral of Animal Hearts
Find out how the size of a human heart compares to that of a bird, gorilla, or elephant.

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The Giant Heart is located in the F.M. Kirby Gallery of the Biosciences and The Joy and George Rathmann Hall of Science.