Roger Bacon

Roger Bacon
Mechanical Engineering
Benjamin Franklin Medal
Retired | Oberlin, Ohio
For his fundamental research on the production of graphite whiskers and the determination of their microstructure and properties, for his pioneering development efforts in the production of the world's first continuously processed carbon fibers and the world's first high modulus, high strength carbon fibers using rayon precursors, and for his contributions to the development of carbon fibers from alternative starting materials.

Roger Bacon's discovery of graphite fibers transformed the field of material science and led to new ways of producing composite materials, thus opening up a new billion-dollar industry. Materials based on graphite fibers have become an indispensable part of today's engineering marvels.

Dr. Bacon received his B.A. in 1951 from Haverford College and his Ph.D. from Case Western Reserve University in 1955. He began his career as a research scientist at Union Carbide, which was later acquired by The Dow Chemical Company. From 1986 to 1998, Dr. Bacon was a senior research associate at Amoco Polymers Group, Amoco Corporation, now BP PLC. From 1959 to 1971, he was also a physics instructor at Baldwin Wallace College, Berea, Ohio.

Information as of April 2004