Know Your Brain, Know Your Business

Corporate Professional Development in Your Brain Exhibit

Professional Development For Corporate Teams

A fun and inspiring setting to develop effective communication and professional growth.

Empower your team with the training sessions they need to maximize work performance through an in-depth understanding of the brain and how people think.

Unlike other corporate trainings, which use tests to show employees how they’re different, this session uses science to highlight how we are alike and how having the right mindset can lead to success.

Working with trusted scientists and educators from The Franklin Institute, your employees can maximize professional growth and feel confident that the content of our workshops is credible and reliable.

“In addition to being extremely interesting, engaging and fun, [Know Your Brain, Know Your Business] allowed us to take away many useful lessons and strategies that I’m certain will enable us to improve our overall work performance in multiple ways.” – PECO CFO, Phillip Barnett


Speaking Engagement (60 minutes)
A dynamic corporate trainer from The Franklin Institute will share key ideas from science about how the brain works to inform strategic practices that are customized for your field of work.

Introductory Session (90 minutes)
Debunk prevalent myths about the brain and experience interactive exercises that build effective communication, teamwork, and efficiency skills. Collaborate with teammates about how these strategies apply in your day-to-day work.

Half-Day Workshop (2-4 hours)
Enhance the introductory session with a tour of our award-winning interactive Your Brain exhibit and coaching for your corporate teammates on an action plan for how to incorporate research-based strategies from neuroscience into your daily practice.

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