Understanding the Brain

Photo of Group of Students in Understand the Brain Workshop

Professional Development for Educators

A dynamic learning experience designed to empower educators with critical knowledge in neuroscience to make informed, research-based decisions that advance student learning.

Educators will:

  • Explore what happens in the brain when we learn 
  • Apply what we know about the brain to the process of remembering information
  • Adapt strategies based on neuroscience research to inform your practice
  • Debunk prevalent myths about the brain
  • Reinforce the brain-learning connection in The Franklin Institute’s award-winning Your Brain exhibit

Each workshop, in addition to the topics above, includes one of the following modules to customize the experience based on individual school and district priorities:

  • Grit and Growth Mindset
    Go beyond the buzz and discover what current research suggests about the benefits and limitations of encouraging a growth mindset in your students. 
  • Social-Emotional Learning
    Explore the neuroscience of emotions and dive deeper into how emotions impact your students’ learning.
  • Curiosity and Motivation
    Discover what research into curiosity can tell us about what motivates our students and ourselves. 

Each 5-hour professional development session at The Franklin Institute includes museum admission and parking, boxed lunches, coffee and tea service, and continuing education credit (letters upon request).

Fees are based on the number of participating educators:

  • For groups of up to 35 educators*: $137 per participant (minimum 20 educators) 
  • For groups of up to 75 educators: $100 per participant
  • For groups of up to 125 educators: $85 per participant

*A minimum of 20 participants is required. 

For more information and to reserve your workshop, contact us at ProfessionalDevelopment@fi.edu

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