Treasures of The Franklin Institute; Baldwin 60000 (artist's rendering)

Hamilton Collections Gallery - Opening November 2024

The Train Factory exhibit is closed, reopening in November as the new Hamilton Collections Gallery, a unique collections-based exhibit surrounding the Baldwin Locomotive.  

At the center of this new gallery stands a marvel of engineering history: the Baldwin 60,000 steam locomotive. Suspended on a cutaway floor, this iconic locomotive invites guests to climb aboard and witness firsthand the ingenuity that powered the Industrial Revolution. Marvel at the intricate machinery and feel the pulse of innovation as you explore every detail of this magnificent piece of machinery. 

Surrounding the Baldwin 60,000, guests will discover a treasure trove of rare artifacts meticulously curated from The Franklin Institute's collections. From the earliest film projectors to the groundbreaking designs of the Wright brothers, each item on display tells a story of human achievement and technological advancement. Open casework extends upwards on two levels, inviting guests to delve deeper into the history of innovation and discovery. 

A newly visible steel and concrete railroad bridge structure supports the 350-ton locomotive. These remarkable feats of 19th-century engineering remind us of the pioneering spirit that shaped our world. Trace the evolution of transportation and marvel at the timeless beauty of these architectural wonders. 

The Franklin Institute is grateful to the Hamilton Family Charitable Trust for its generous support of this project.

TFI Members will be invited to see it first! Every visit to the science museum is FREE for members. 

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