Child in Electricity Exhibit

The Electricity exhibit will close on May 6. This space will completely transform and be part of the expansive new human body exhibit, opening in November.  

Learn more about our exhibit reimagination plans here 

Electricity – Closing May 6

Spark your curiosity about the wonders of electricity in this interactive exhibit dedicated to the museum’s namesake—Benjamin Franklin. Just as Franklin engaged in hands-on experimentation with electricity, you will too! What happens when electrical charges build up? Use your body to complete the circuit and discover how series and parallel circuits regulate the flow of electrons along a conductor or "feel" the electricity required to power up different light bulbs. See authentic artifacts including Franklin’s Lightning Rod (FI Cat. #4954) and static electric generator (FI Cat. #768).

Electricity - Tesla Coil Firing

Witness Lightning Up Close
Catch the Tesla coil's high voltage discharge on the hour.

Electricity - Static Electricity Interactive

Transfer Charges from the Van de Graaf Generator
This electrifying interactive will make your hair stand on end!

Electricity Exhibit - Make A Circuit Activity

Use Your Body to Complete a Circuit
Can you complete the circuit and light the bulb?

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PECO - An Exelon Company
And investors in the Inspire Science Campaign located in The Joy and George Rathmann Hall of Science.