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Apollo 8 - Media

Follow the Apollo 8  mission in images, sounds and movies. 

Click on the links below to open or save a variety of multimedia clips from the Apollo 8 Mission. All images and sounds are original source material featuring the actual crew of Apollo 8 as they journey to the Moon and back.

Listen as Apollo 8 Blasts of from Cape Canaveral (Once the first image has loaded the audio will begin)

Click to open in a new window

Or Click here to download as a real video file.

James Lovell Describes the Earth from 200,000 miles away. Real Audio and Image
Live from the Moon. The crew comment on the Moon's appearance. Real Audio and Image
Christmas Eve broadcast from the Moon. Real Audio and Image
Earth rise. Apollo 8 skims over the moon's surface to see the Earth rise on the horizon. (5min download) Movie Clip (1.4MB)

Real Video (0.2MB)

Apollo 8 returns to Earth as a glowing fireball to be picked up in the Pacific Ocean. Real Audio and Image
President Johnson congratulates the crew of Apollo 8 on the success of their mission. Real Audio and Image

Clips courtesy of and NASA

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