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What is Genetic Engineering or Recombinant Technology?


It is a term used to describe the transfer of specific genes from one organism THE DONOR to another THE RECIPIENT. It is a technique of modern biotechnology.

Here is an overview of the whole process;

It is carried out in 3 main stages: -
Getting the piece of DNA that you need out of the Donor cell.
A. Making a Genomic Library of Donor DNA or
B. Making a cDNA library from Donor mRNA.
Identifying the gene needed
Making copies of the DNA required
Putting the required gene into an organism that is capable of transporting it into another.
Inserting the gene into a Vector.
Cloning the gene in a Vector.
Allowing the Vector to carry the gene into another organism so we can see the affect of the gene.
Inserting the Vector into another organism so it can be expressed.



What are the major uses of Genetic Engineering?

1. Treating Human and Animal diseases. E.g. Gene Therapy for Cystic fibrosis Sufferers.
E.g. Transgenic Organ donors.
2. Increased Food Production from crops and animals. E.g. Genetically Modified Food.
3. Developing Scientists understanding of how living things work.