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This web site covers the following National Curriculum orders for England & Wales: -

KS5 AS Level syllabus

This web site covers all parts of Module 2 Genes and Genetic Engineering of the AQA examining board (Specification B).

KS4 Double Award Science

Sc2 4 Variation

a) How variation arises from genetic causes, environmental causes, and a combination of both.
b) That sexual reproduction is a source of genetic variation, while asexual reproduction produces clones.
c) That mutation is a source of genetic variation and has a number of causes.


f) The mechanisms by which some diseases are inherited.
g) That the gene is a section of DNA
h) The basic principles of cloning, selective breeding and genetic engineering.

Sc1 Scientific Enquiry1.

Ideas and evidence

a) How scientific ideas are presented, evaluated and disseminated.
b) How scientific controversies can arise from different ways of interpreting empirical evidence.
c) Ways in which scientific work may be affected by the contexts in which it takes place and how these contexts may affect whether or not ideas are accepted.

d) To consider the power and limitations of science in addressing industrial, social and environmental questions, including the kinds of questions it can/cannot answer, uncertainties in scientific knowledge, and the ethical issues involved.