Philadelphia MSP Curriculum Resources

Navigational Structure

Each module offers resources, organized by Topic, Connections, Students, Scientists, Gallery, and Resources. Use the menubar at the top of the pages to navigate through the resources. The information below should also help you find your way.

TOPICS - Organized by specific chapter in the curriculum, this section gives background information for teachers striving to learn more about the science content they are to teach and ideas for promoting student engagement and facilitating inquiry. Within each topic, you'll find two sections: Science and Learning Experiences.

SCIENCE - Juried and easy-to-read background information to bolster teachers' content knowledge and understanding.
LEARNING EXPERIENCES - Ideas and activities intended to help teachers generate more engagement and extend the learning of topics in each chapter (directly related to the content and recommended activities).

CONNECTIONS - Information and activity ideas for connecting the learning to other academic areas (such as literature, mathematics, art, history, etc.).

STUDENTS - Examples of pages that might be appropriate for students. Even if not directly used with students in the classroom, teachers can look to some of these for developmentally appropriate approaches to help them build better understanding.

SCIENTISTS - For when you just need the word of an expert, these Ask-the-Scientist type sites might help with specific burning questions.

GALLERY - A repository for multi-media imagery (websites with spectacular classic images, animations, videos, web-cams, etc.).

RESOURCES - Websites, books, facilitation tips, sources for materials, etc which support the learning throughout the unit.

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