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Learn how you can become a S.W.I.S.H. Team Member.
(Student Water Investigator Showing How to conserve and improve water quality.
) Select the activities below to learn more about water conservation and how you can help.
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You probably already understand that conservation means to use only what you need and not to waste. But many people do not think about conservation when talking about our water supply. All living things depend on clean, fresh water. Water is part of our basic needs for health and survival. We use water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, washing, and many other uses.

With more and more people moving into your community and visitors coming to enjoy the recreational activities, more and more water is needed. The increased demand for water creates a drain on water sources. We all need to take an active role to ensure that we always have enough clean water. Conservation of our water is the fastest and least expensive way to meet the increasing demand for water.

Things to do:

What can you do to help save our water supply? One thing is to learn more about the problem and then to help others learn or become more aware of the problems so they see that the cost of not conserving can be much higher than the cost of conservation.

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Use the Online Links to find out more about water conservation and do some interesting online activities.


Water conservation is all about practices that use less water.

Everyone is a water user.
Do you know how you can help be a water saver?
Use the activities above to help you discover more about water conservation.