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Conserving Electricity

Much of the energy that we use in our everyday lives, we use in our home. How can we tell just how much energy we are using, and where we are using that energy? First we need to understand the concept of power. Then we will be able to measure how much energy each of our appliances uses and how much it costs. The number of appliances that require energy in a typical household has grown and grown, including radios, lamps, clocks, ovens, refrigerators, hair curlers, etc., etc., etc.

Home Appliances - Power and Energy

By browsing through the web pages below, you will find out how to figure out how much energy each appliance in your house uses, how the electric company charges you for the energy you use, and how much each appliance costs you to run. Finally you will be able to cut down on the use of some of these appliances and figure out how much energy and money you have saved.


We pay the electric company for the total energy we use. But in order to figure out how much total energy an appliance uses, we need to know how much power, or energy per time, that it uses.
Find the power, energy, and cost for most of the appliances in your house.
A sample inventory, showing the power, energy, and cost for appliances for one possible household.
Savings Worksheet A worksheet to calculate just how much energy and money you saved by conserving or using less energy.
See if you can guess the power needs of household appliances.

The Appliance Power Game requires a PC running Windows 95/98/NT/XP and V3.0 or higher of Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. A plug-in for your web browser called Vitalize is also required. The vitalize plug-in can be downloaded by clicking on the link below. After downloading, run the .exe file (Vzfull32.exe for the full version) from the Run dialogue box in Windows and follow the directions..

Link to Vitalize Plug In